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Cucumbers are 95% water, which makes them one of the most hydrating and cooling foods we can eat. They are also rich in anti-inflammatory flavonols and B vitamins, which help us to manage stress. TTCF farmers love them and grow a lot of their own special varieties for as long as they possibly can in this climate that can be tough on organically grown cucurbits. 

STORAGE: To store whole cucumbers, wrap them in a tea towel or paper towel and place them in a plastic bag. Seal the bag only half-way to prevent condensation from building up inside the bag. Cucumbers prefer temperatures around 50˚F, but most fridges are much colder than that. Store the bag in the side door of your refrigerator, which is the warmest part of the refrigerator. Stored like this, cucumbers should stay fresh for at least a week, if not longer! 

RECIPE: Tri Sa’s Cucumber and Lemon Basil Salad

Note: Feel free to use whatever herbs you have---mint, cilantro, Italian basil, lemon basil.


RECIPE: TTCF Farmers' Cucumber Soup 



1. Wash the cucumber, peel the skin and slice into very thin circles.

2. Chop the shallot into small pieces.

3. Heat up the oil in a pot, add the shallot and cucumber, and saute them until soft.

4. Add salt to taste.

5. Add water to the pot and cook until warm through. The soup should be eaten warm by itself or with rice.


RECIPE: Grilled Cucumbers With Tomato-Cardamom Dressing and Mozzarella by Yotam Ottolenghi from NYT Cooking



For the Tomato Dressing:

For the Cucumbers:




Classic Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Spicy Lightly Pickled Cucumbers

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