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The mission of Transplanting Traditions Community Farm (TTCF)  is to uplift food sovereignty in the refugee community through access to land, education and entrepreneurial opportunities. The farm provides a cultural community space for refugee adults and youth to come together, recreate home, build healthy communities, and continue agricultural traditions in the Piedmont of N.C. The farmers that make up the community at TTCF have life-long experience growing food. The unique service that TTCF provides to these farmers is thoughtfully curated education and assistance to strengthen their farming skills not only in this climate but this economy. The Business Development and Share-A-Share programs TTCF leads help farmers participate competitively in farming as a business as well as providing ongoing access to culturally significant foods in the Burma refugee community. 


The Farm Operations Manager will work closely with the Farm Programs Educator, community gardeners, and 13 farm businesses making up the community farm. This role is hands-on, whether it’s providing technical assistance to farmers on repairs and field maintenance or planning engaging workshops that expand farmer knowledge, this individual will need to be confident in their farm knowledge and communication skills. This person will be comfortable working with small machines and tools, being outside for extended periods in all types of weather, and problem solving and diagnosing farm-related technical issues. Since this position will work closely with the farmers, many of whom have limited English skills, the ability to communicate information in plain language as well as through more than verbal communication is important. Applicants with immigrant or AAPI identity are encouraged to apply.






Desired start date: February 2023            

Time commitment: 40 hours a week (full time)

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Salary and benefits: $42,000 - $45,000 with health insurance coverage, paid holidays and 20 days paid time off

Questions: Contact or call 919-885-4063 ‬

How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume to or complete the job application form by January 20, 2023. 

Interviews will continue through Jan 31, 2023 or until the position is filled.


We strive for work-life balance however the seasonal nature of the organization or project deadlines occasionally requires longer work weeks or weekend work with compensation time provided.

We are a family-friendly organization and do our best to be compassionate in scheduling to meet the needs of employees with families.


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