Friday Downton Durham CSA Pick-Up

(Ninth Street Bakery)


Here are the details for your pick-up location:

Downtown Durham

Ninth Street Bakery, 136 E. Chapel Hill Street, Durham, NC 

Fridays 4-6pm


A few reminders about our pick-up guidelines:

If running late: 

Text or call the volunteer to let her know you're on your way (phone number was provided in your "Ninth Street Bakery Pick-Up" email at the beginning of the season). Please share this information with housemates, spouses, & friends who will be picking up.    

Heads up: 

Every member gets 2 late pick-ups each season. Late pick-ups will be left in a labeled bag on the bakery's loading dock. Please note this is a public location and staff will not be on site after 6pm---so unfortunately we can't promise that your bag won't be taken by a passerby. 


For Friday Pick-up Dates see our Full Season CSA Calendar.


If you have further questions, please email us:


Updated 10/12/22.


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