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Mint is the most refreshing summer herb and lends itself well to so many uses. There are the drinks: pour boiling water over the whole bunch to make a jug of calming, digestive tea. Add sprigs to lemonade or iced tea or make a mojito or other minty cocktail or mocktail. And then there are all the culinary uses: chop or tear mint leaves and add them by the fistful to a cucumber tomato salad, a roasted eggplant and pepper salad with feta, or sprinkled over shakshuka at the end of cooking (see recipe below). And there's always real mint chip ice cream. Mmmm.

STORAGE: Store mint in an unopened bag in your fridge for several days. To keep it most fresh, wrap the bunch of mint in a dry paper towel before placing in the plastic bag. You can also store mint in a jar of water on your counter. 

RECIPE: Shakshuka from The Mediterranean Dish

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